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Providing IT solutions such as cloud computing and tailored collaboration processes, ONGC required branding and a website design that showcased their business message and services. ONGC came to B2Me Marketing requiring a full rebranding of their website, which included a new business image and marketing campaign.

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ONGC’s Successful Solution


Client Increase

ONGC has seen around a 60% increase in client interest regarding various IT services since their new website went live and marketing campaigns were launched.


Solutions In Progress

Through having their website redesigned and optimised, along with ongoing marketing, ONGC has gained new clients looking for bespoke IT solutions.


Marketing Presence Increase

After starting their marketing campaign, ONGC has seen their presence on social media platforms rise significantly.


The first step to designing ONGC’s vision, was to create a logo that represented their business concept. The branding team devised a selection of logos incorporating the ONGC logo mark and desired colors. These colors were key to identify at the start of the rebranding process, as it would be the primary basis for the rest of the website design.

ONGC Branding


ONGC required a lot of work to be completed on their website and improve engagement with clients. For this reason, B2Me Marketing developed a custom solution to target their market through a modern and optimized website along with email marketing and branding.


By deciding to outsource their marketing department to B2Me Marketing, ONGC now has a drip campaign, blog posts, spotlight articles and business update articles, all of which help to optimize their website and boost their presence on Google. To keep their customers engaged, B2Me Marketing also provides email marketing, whereby regular updates, information and exclusive news is passed to subscribers on a regular basis.

After working with ONGC, B2Me Marketing developed keywords that would help them to optimize their services to reach their target audience. These keywords were then placed onto the website to draw traffic and are continually pushed through regular articles on their blog post page.

Social Media

Several social campaigns aimed to showcase the personality of ONGC, along with the services that they provide, targeting specific audiences for optimal impact.

Email Marketing

Drip campaigns rolled out over several months to clients and new businesses; this allowed ONGC to gain further business with existing clients and display services to new prospects.

Lauren and her team are absolutely phenomenal. No task is too big or small and the result of our rebrand and new digital presence was managed by them from start to finish. We couldn’t be happier and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Director - ONGC System
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